Find Your Happy Place

Doing what you love is just the way to go. I highly recommend it. A lot of feeling of disappointment, sadness and failure we experience comes from the dissatisfaction we get as a result of poor choices. I get it, you need to earn money to pay bills, you need to graduate to look good in the eyes of the society. But ask yourself, Am I really happy with the route I have taken? Am I happy or miserable in my job? if the later, then why am I doing this job? your job is a big part of who you are and you spend most of your time in this environment. You need to enjoy what you do. Have you thought about changing job? or maintaining a good work life balance might be all it requires.
The good news is you can do what you love, you can be very happy and satisfied with your life and no, its never too late. “No matter how far you have travelled on the wrong way, you can always make a U-turn”. So, find your happy place, your talent. even when you don’t plan to create a career out of those talents, begin to just enjoy/explore them. I can guarantee, they will open doors.

For example, I have always loved tennis as a sport and would have loved to be a professional tennis player, that didn’t happen. However, I got the chance to play for fun, I took it and every time I’m in the court, the whole world makes sense, I feel like a professional and I come home extremely happy. And then, I thought even though playing professionally would not happen for me in tennis, there are other hobbies that I can prevail in. I got so much confidence from my time in the court that I started working hard on my other interests, developing them and shutting out every negative voice from me and everyone around me and I couldn’t be more satisfied with my life right now. its totally worth it. I’m at a point in my life where I feel like I can do anything.

Never underestimate your dreams!!!!!!!!!!!!


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