My Hobbies and Interests

In this blog, I would like to talk a little about me and my daily routine. Thankfully, I look inward for my happiness. The external factors do not trip me. People’s words, perception and reaction to me whether positive or negative does not have any effect on me because I understand that, that is their individual feelings and its their prerogative to feel however they wish. and this feeling has nothing to do with me as a person. with that being said, I also understand that hanging around people who have negative feelings towards you, will on the long run have a negative impact on you, which is why I tend to remove myself from people with negative character generally known as toxic people and I try to do this without having ill thought for them because honestly “life is too short to be upset about things you can’t control or to even suffer for things you can totally live without”

Now to my daily routine, I wake every day, play inspirational songs, sing and dance my heart away. this usually get me in a very high mood throughout the day. I’m not an early morning person so wouldn’t usually go to work in the mornings. i would rather dance around the house until midday. My hobbies include making music, playing tennis, watching movies and hanging out with friends. I also like trying new things and going to places of interest. I love talking to my friends and could spend hours on the phone just talking or chatting with those really close to me. I enjoy good company and love to have a good laugh. I love road trips. I love looking and feeling good, and I do this by using the best skin care product I could lay my hands on as well as exercising and keeping fit. I feel blessed to have my family and the friends in my life right now. I do believe that everyone should strive to get descent people in their lives because the kind of people you have around you will determine how calm, peaceful and happy your life will become. Do not be afraid to cut off negative people from your life even if they are family, you can always love them from a distance. You deserve to be happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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