Successful People

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Success means different things to different people. It could be getting that dream job, overflowing with $$$, playing a favourite sports, building a strong family, acquiring many college degrees or simply getting them all (laughs). However, the road to success and mindset of being successful is so different which is why is not up to us to decide if someone is successful or not. simply put, the society’s idea of success is different from an individual’s idea of success.

I consider myself a very successful person today and very proud to reveal that my idea of success is simply becoming self dependent. deciding when to work and when to rest, being free from societal pressure and being able to engage in activities of interested with confidence of a secured future. it is quiet fulfilling, the feeling of being successful is simply amazing. In conclusion, define your idea of success, work hard (research, read books, ask questions, ask for help, never stop) until it becomes a reality and then be proud of what you have done.

In my future post, I would like to discuss different ideas of success and how to achieve them. bye for now!


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