Learning a new skill when you are older is difficult but not impossible. It’s never too late to achieve anything. A simple example would be me always wanting to ride a bike since I was little. All my siblings and friends at the time could ride a bike except me. I was not allowed to go near the bike because I was “too short to try” even though I was taller than some of the kids that rode really well. I was both ashamed and fearful of the bike. Ashamed because every kid I know could ride and fearful because I was constantly told I would have a big fall and end up in the hospital if I ever got on the bike. As I got older my fear of the bike grew that my heart beat so fast and loud at the thought of climbing a bike. However, this fear is not just about getting injured anymore but I found that my personality dreaded engaging in any activity where I have no control of the outcome. I feared that bike ride is simply beyond my control and I would definitely crash.

As a much older person, I decided to try. How can I say I couldn’t do it when I have not even tried? I couldn’t let fear win, I just had to try even if I fail. Few months ago, while I was holidaying in Dubai at my brothers’ place, there was a big bike, I tried to get on it but my heart kept failing me. I asked big brother for help, I was determined. This bike was too big that my feet couldn’t touch the ground. So, big brother asked a neighbor for their bike which was too small and the neighbor in turn went to another neighbor to borrow theirs. Big brother was doing his best to explain the process to me. I simply stared at him but couldn’t describe the kind of fear that gripped me. Anyway my lesson started. It was a rigorous exercise, I didn’t get it on the first day but I was determined, I got the concept though and on getting back to my base, I bought a bike and that was when the real failure started. I fell off my bike at least eight times and on one of those occasions, broke my wrist.  Well guess what, today I can ride like a pro and had been training a friend who asked for my help. Right now I couldn’t be happier of my achievement, I got on the bike today and was the happiest soul as I tried to help my friend. I explained to her that if I could do it, she definitely can and today we made a big progress as she is able to pedal a short distance.

So, I insist, it’s not too late, it’s not impossible, it’s not embarrassing, it’s not meant for some people. Don’t let fear/doubt win. YOU CAN DO IT………….JUST TRY!!!!!!!!


2 thoughts on “DO NOT LET FEAR WIN”

  1. Encouraging and inspire.. in life someone should always believe on his/her can make and achieve his dream and goals is a matter of time and determination, focus! You may have failed or fall so many times organizations experiences.. keep on moving and try you will surely get there, cast down is not destroyed…

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