Starting All Over Again

Life can be very confusing sometimes, there is no manual on how to navigate the crooked road. But no matter how far you have traveled on the wrong way, you can always make a U-turn. There is always room to start all over, do not let shame keep you on a path to nowhere. Shame of what others will think or say and how you will be mocked among your friends, really? Can you really call people who hate or laugh at you when you fail your friends? Or maybe it’s just in your head, maybe people don’t even notice your failure because truth be told everyone is busy with their personal life and lots of people can’t even be bothered with your problems. Have you thought about the possibility that those who knows about your failures will see you as such a strong person and admire you when you pick yourself up and start from scratch? So what is really your excuse? Why are you stuck on a path that leads to where you don’t want to be. Maybe you are giving yourself false hope, believing that somewhere along the road, a miracle will happen and everything will work out as you want them. This may happen on rare occasion but I won’t count on it.

It’s time to go back to the drawing board, identify all past mistakes and why you made them, forgive yourself and be kind to yourself, define who you are now and who want to be, clearly state where you want to be in the near future and how to get there, then wipe the slate clean and start over. This is your responsibility, life as we know it is a very personal journey. We are expected to help people along the way but how can we help others if we are helpless and in need of help ourselves.  One thing I know is that you can do it.


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